Antigua St Lucia St Vincent Grenada Barbados Holidays

Antigua St Lucia St Vincent Grenada Barbados Holidays

For extra special Caribbean Multi Centre Holidays, why not combine 5 Nights Antigua, 5 Nights St Lucia, 3 Nights St Vincent, 3 Nights Grenada 5 Nights Barbados Multi Centre Holidays.

This 21 night multi centre holiday allows you to sample the delights of five Caribbean islands, all withing on trip. This holiday is perfect for celebrating a special event such as an anniversary, or a honeymoon.

All of these Caribbean islands, offer you a different experience. St Lucia is a beautiful island, with peaked mountaintops rising above the rainforests. If you love powder white beaches, then you will love Antigua. St Vincent is a world away from the more popular Caribbean islands, offering an unspoilt charm making you feel like you could be on your own paradise island. Grenada also has a relaxed atmosphere, with it’s quaint capital St George. Barbados has a more lively feel with trendy bars and restaurants.

Antigua St Lucia St Vincent Grenada Barbados Holidays

In this example holiday itinerary you will fly from your chosen UK airport to Antigua, where you will stay for 5 nights. This will allow you plenty of time for relaxation on one of the stunning beaches and exploring Nelsons Dockyard to find out about the colonial history of the island.

After your 5 nights in Antigua, take the short flight from Antigua airport to St Lucia, to spend the next 5 nights relaxing on the stunning beaches, admiring the amazing views of rainforests, waterfalls and mountains or exploring the taking in the picturesque bays.

After your stay in St Lucia, it’s another short flight from St Lucia to St Vincent, to spend the next 3 nights relaxing in this beautiful unspoilt Caribbean. island setting. This gives you a chance to experience the Caribbean as it used to be.

From St Vincent catch your flight to Grenada, where you will spend the next 3 nights. Known as the Spice Island, Grenada offers you the scent of ginger, nutmeg and vanilla. Explore the colonial history of Grenada by visiting the capital St George, with it’s pastel coloured houses that cling to the hillside, or relax on the beautiful beaches.

After your 3 nights in Grenada, it’s a short flight to Barbados, where you will spend the next 5 nights. You can choose to spend time relaxing. However, Barbados is the place to dine out, or be seen in one of the trendy bars. Daytime activities include a choice of water sports, great choice of golf courses and if you have any cash left, burning a hole in your pocket, there are plenty of opportunities for shopping.

Fly from Barbados home to your UK airport.