Wendy Wu Yunnan Sichuan China Tour

Wendy Wu Yunnan Sichuan China Tour

Wendy Wu Yunnan Sichuan China Tour is one way to experience China Multi Centre Holidays, where you will have a fixed itinerary, generally travelling in the same group. There are other Tour Operators such as Kuoni, who also have many years of experience in providing tours around China. This post is designed to help you decide if you want to book a Tour yourself, using one of the quick links provided, or if you would prefer to Ask for Help from an Independent Specialist, who has access to all Tours from different Tour Operators and has the ability to create a personal “tailor-made” multi centre holiday itinerary.

Yunnan & Sichua is a classic group Tour of China by Award-Winning Tour Specialist Wendy Wu, who have over 20 years experience. Yunnan Sichuan China includes Yunnan, Leshan, Wulong National Park, Giant Pandas, Chengdhu.

Giant Pandas Chengdu China Tours UK.

16 day tour, flying in to Kunming. Return flight departs from Chengdhu (CTU).

Flights from UK to Kunming and Chengdhu, China will generally be connecting flights through Hong Kong (HKG) and Shanghai (PVG), which can take around 23 hrs.

Fly into Kunming and Fly out of Chengdhu.

YUNNING SICHUAN CHINA TOUR 16 Days from £3,490 p.p.

Typical Itinerary

Fly overnight to Kunming, sample the local delicacy, Across the Bridge Noodles.

Spend the morning meandering through the formations of the UNESCO-listed Stone Forest, where towering limestone pillars stand tree-like in a fascinating illusion of woodland. On your return to Kunming, there is an option to see a colourful showcase of Yunnan’s performing arts.

Dali is a charming town that offers a peek at the China of times-gone-by. Explore the fascinating old quarter and lively market to soak up the local atmosphere. Visit the age-old Three Pagodas and take a stroll down Foreigners’ Street.

Cruise the mirror-like waters of Erhai Lake, admiring the spectacular scenery provided by the Cang Mountains.

Lijiang, set in the foothills of the magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Visit the Black Dragon Pool, where there are wonderful views of the mountains.
Explore the old quarter; the quintessential Chinese ‘old town’ and wander the jumble of cobbled streets, traditional wooden buildings and rustic stone bridges.
Explore Xizhou Village, where you can mingle with traditionally-dressed Naxi women, and browse its lively local market. Drive to

The magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain comprises several peaks, the tallest of which soars 5,500 metres. Taking a cable car, explore one of the beautiful high meadows and enjoy the amazing vistas. Visit Baisha old town to view the fascinating frescoes painted during the Ming Dynasty followed by a visit to the Embroidery School.

Journey to it is one of China’s most extraordinary sights with spectacular and breathtaking views is the 3,000-metre-deep Tiger Leaping Gorge, with its backdrop of snowcapped mountains.

Fly to Chongqing and transfer to Wulong, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is an area of stunning natural scenery with towering limestone karsts, deep gorges, caves and natural bridges. Its remote location has ensured that the park is relatively unspoilt.

Visit Three Bridges National Park, a rare geological wonder consisting of three natural karst bridges: Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge and Heilong Bridge. Continue to Longshuixia Fissure, a narrow fault line that has been carved out by the river.

Take a scenic drive to Leshan.

Take a day trip to see the 71-metre high UNESCO-listed Grand Buddha. Completed in the year 803, it is said that the Buddha’s presence has calmed the turbulent waters of the river. View the Buddha from below on a short boat trip, which will give you a great perspective of the impressive rock carving. Later, continue to Emeishan.

Mount Emei is the cradle of the Buddhist religion in China with the first temple built on its peak in the 1st century. Take a cable car to the summit and admire the striking and diverse natural beauty of the mountain and surrounding landscape.

Travel to Chengdu and take a walk through the famous snack street – Jinli! Option to see a performance of the Sichuan Opera, famous for ‘face changing’.

Visit Chengdu’s famous Panda Conservation Centre to see and learn about China’s celebrated bears. See them up close in surroundings that mirror their natural habitat as they chomp through piles of bamboo. Later, stroll through People’s Park, visit a traditional teahouse and see Matchmaker’s Corner where parents search for worthy suitors for their children.

Fly home to the UK from Chengdu.

However, before rushing to book this Tour, you need to ask yourself if your happy to spend all of your holiday as part of group with an organised itinerary.

Do you want to include all of the above locations in one trip or some of them?

Do you want to fly from the U.K. to China and fly back from China or take advantage of the opportunity to visit another Country or two whilst you are in the Far East?

Would a Tailor Made China Multi Centre Holiday that includes a short tour of Beijing, Shanghai or another area of China plus a visit to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore or another Country be more suitable for you?

Ask an Expert for Help booking China Tours and “Tailor Made” China Multi Centre Holidays.

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